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Many people spend a lot of time deciding on what wall coverings to have, whether it’s choosing the paint colour or wallpaper, but a far greater expense is the floor covering. However, do you spend as much time weighing up the options and considering what flooring to have? Afterall, your floor covering doesn’t just affect the look of your house but unlike wallpaper or paint it will have an impact on how the room performs. For example, being comfy and soft underfoot and providing good insulation or practical and easily cleaned.

The flooring that you opt for will also be influenced by the room it is being fitted in. What you might consider for a lounge or bedroom is unlikely to be suitable in a bathroom or hall way. Similarly, sometimes what you choose is dictated to by the style and age of your home and of course your budget is a key factor that will have a bearing on what options you have. For a quality and long-lasting finish, you have to factor in not just the floor covering but things like the underlay. These have to be taken into consideration when working out the cost. As carpet fitters in Chester and flooring specialists, let AJ Greenway take the stress and hassle out of making these decisions. We can help and advise you on what are the most suitable options for you whether it’s vinyl flooring, carpets in Chester or laminate flooring in Chester.

Vinyl flooring is a great option for bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms. Until recently it had become a little unfashionable and was generally the go to option for landlords but not homeowners but all that has changed. Vinyl is making a comeback with the introduction of new types such as Luxury Vinyl tiles. There are ultra-modern designs for a sleek contemporary look or for a more traditional feel there are realistic wood and stone designs and all at affordable prices. AJ Greenway has a range of vinyl floor coverings to choose from and is experienced in installing this type of flooring in homes.

If you are looking for carpets in Chester, then contact AJ Greenway. Carpet is still as popular as ever and is a suitable option for most rooms. However, with so many different types of carpet to choose from one factor that should be considered is the amount of traffic in the room that it is being fitted in. As carpet fitters in Chester we can talk you through the various carpet options and match the right type of carpet to your needs and requirements.

AJ Greenway can also source and fit laminate flooring in Chester. Board made from compressed fibres with a melamine coating create a tough, hardwearing surface which is easy to clean so is ideal for areas of high footfall in a home. The boards have either a wood or stone effect appearance.

AJ Greenway are professional carpet fitters in Chester. We have acquired years of experience fitting carpets in Chester as well as Laminate flooring in Chester and Vinyl flooring.

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