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Repair Service

While the right flooring can complement any home or workplace, from time to time they can get damaged. Even when we try hard to look after the flooring in our home accidents happen but don’t worry because A J Greenway provides a repair service.

Damaged your Vinyl Flooring? At A J Greenway we know exactly what steps to take to restore your vinyl floor to as good as new. We have the resources to cut away the damaged section, remove the adhesive on the subfloor and cut a repair patch the same size as the damaged area which we would then fit into place. This might sound easy but without the correct equipment, glue and sealer you could make more of a mess! It’s always best to leave it to the experts.

Over time and due to wear and tear carpet can be damaged or you may notice things happening to it such as ripples in the carpet, frayed edges, or bleach stains. Your first thought might be to replace it but this could be a costly and unnecessary exercise when you could get it fixed at a fraction of the price. At A J Greenway we can advise you on what steps to take and how it can be fixed so you can enjoy your carpet for a little bit longer, however if we think it’s beyond repair we will tell you.

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